Types of Therapy

Child, children 14 years and up
Individual, Group, Couples & Family
Sexual Abuse
Trauma & Injury
Group Therapy
Building Relationships:
Learn how to improve your relationships by developing healthy ways of dealing with conflict, communication difficulties and negative emotions.
Learn what causes depression and how to manage symptoms and emotions in a more constructive manner.
Learn to overcome irrational fears and anxiety by improving coping skills. Develop greater knowledge about what generates fearful responses and how
to manage feeling overwhelmed by these emotions.

Stress Management:
Learn better techniques in coping with stress and how to manage time more effectively.
All of these are caused by catasphronic events and can be debilitating. Stages of healing from painful events are possible through education, symptom reduction and supportive relationships so individuals can move orward in life.
Physical Disability:
Learn how to adapt, accept and meet the challenges of a physical disability.

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